Count my blessings - September 2017

  1. A baby with the giggles 
  2. Snuggling with 4 in the big bed on Saturday morning
  3. Pancake breakfasts
  4. Neighbours that phone that our window is open...other neighbours with a key that go and close the window
  5. A squirrel crossing the road
  6. A beautiful sunset across a major river when you cross the bridge
  7. Observing Kabouter playing on the carpet with his toys, and having an imaginary conversation with the carpet
  8. Working from home and starting after a nice energizing 3 km morning walk (by dropping the children off)
  9. A baby toddler that starts to sleep through the night...sometimes
  10. Picking up the children by foot on a day that the entire city is gridlocked in traffic due to the heavy rain
  11. The warm nest that forms my bed in the mornings
  12. The first day that the heating gets turned on at work after some very chilly days.
  13. Nobody in the waiting room of the doctor's office on weekend duty

This is a monthly list of simple things in my life that make me happy or that make me smile.  
As the world often seems full of negativity and disaster, I want to pay attention to these small things that make me happy in my daily life and be grateful for them. You can find all of them via this link


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