Cleaning up the leaves part I

"I want to rake the leaves. First i'll play a bit of soccer and then I will rake the leaves.", Kabouter announced last Sunday.  

While the leaves only start to fall down and it probably costs us just as much effort to wait a bit and then rake and bag a bigger pile of leaves at once, I didn't think about stopping him at all. I handed out his own little kid's rake and started raking in the grass with him. 
Once Beertje observed we were throwing leaves in the big ton with our hands, he joined in to the fun. Woohoo dirty hands, throwing things around, fun fun fun. 

It felt good to be active outside but looking up at the huge trees still full of leaves, I'm convinced that I won't enjoy part X part Y and part Z anymore as much and I doubt the children will remain as enthousiastic when it becomes a repetitive chore. We'll see. If the leaves remain relatively dry, we can have some "jumping" in the pile of leaves fun next time. 


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