The big beguinage in Leuven: an autumn walk through UN world heritage

After our regular visit to the Sunday Market, we walked home with a bit of detour.  We walked through the gorgeous historic big Beguinage of Leuven. In the Middle Ages, Beguines, female religious women, lived together in a walled community without taking the vows of a convent, but dedicating their lives to prayer and charity.

The entire complex is a pedestrian cobblestone oasis of peace and beauty, existing as a small 3ha  village within the city and it is protected - together with all other remaining beguinages of the Low Countries - as UN world heritage.

The children enjoyed the freedom to stroll around in the cobble stone streets, to discover the old water pumps, vines on the house facades and piles of leaves to jump in. We enjoyed as always the great beauty of the site.

The main entrance gate of the Big Beguinage of Leuven.  Only women, the priest and the brewer were allowed to enter in the past

The bridge across the Dyle where we took one of our big wedding portrets.  


Unknown said…
Prachtig hé. Een oase van rust in de stad. Alleen die kasseien... een hel om op te stappen. Mijn zoon en dochter hebben er op kot gezeten. De verhuis van hun inboedel was telkens een ware calvarietocht.

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