Made in Belgium: Jasper Steverlinck

Jasper Steverlinck is the singer of Arid, but he often sings solo since 2012.  Currently the Warmste Week , the yearly charity week from Studio Brussel is ongoing and he has made the official Warmste Week song this year with "Here's to Love".  A perfect warm pure song in dark days filled with charity actions.  Also previous years, his music has often been prominent on Music For Life and the Warmste Week.

Myself, I'm in the midst of the preperations of another #duwmee for Mobile School and it looks like we'll shatter all our previous records.  It's going to be such a spectacular day again on Saturday. Track us on social media with the hashtag #duwmee. We should be on the radio in the evening between 6.30-7 PM.


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