Snow fever

We had a first brief taste of some snow previous week and it tasted well.  All week Kabouter was observing the meteo on tv and he recognised the snow icons on the map.  "Oh is it snowing in the Ardennes?   Shall we go tomorrow?  Can you ask your boss if we can go to the Ardennes?"

On Thursday we were also treated to snow showers (that melted right away) right when I was into the Decathlon searching some winter-proof shoes for Kabouter amidst all other parents raiding the kids snow boot section.  While I was at it, I could also buy him some new snowpants and gloves etc, so Beertje could inherit his old set.  So while the white stuff came down, we seemed all ready and in the mood to go and enjoy the snow in the Ardennes.

But this weekend's agenda was already quite filled up. We expected important visit in Leuven on Saturday morning and I had appointments on Sunday afternoon. And I was looking forward to an easy going lazy weekend to recharge some of the energy that I seem to be missing lately. But the snow call was too big so we drove up and down in the 24 hours we had available.

Once arrived Kabouter decided his priority was watching tv.  Oh yeah. Of course.

After he got overruled and we finally all had dressed ourselves for the white stuff, we quickly had a smiling enthusiast toddler racing around outside. His little brother joined after his nap with a lot of caution but he was very intrigued by the white stuff. "Noh neeuw  noh neee  noh neeuw"

Just before sunset we ventured out for a small walk. The descending bright sun above the white fields was stunning.  We enjoyed the landscape together with a group of deer. 

Spot the deer in the field behind the hedge

The next day we already had to leave before noon while the area was getting a new layer of fresh snow, but judging the pictures, I believe it was a 24h well spent.


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