A second chance for my least read posts in 2017

A lot of blogs or media show a review for 2017 of their best posts, best music, best this or that.  It was very remarkable to find a list of the flopped posts at Scratchingmymap.  I found the idea quite refreshing and a bit amusing. It's always good to put yourself into perspective with some humor.

It's clear that I enjoy having frequent visitors and more visitors, as any other blogger does but after 12 years I don't have the illusion or will to get a huge audience. That would feel a little freaky.  But I love have a faithfull audience.  Yet you all seem to have deserted my last summer, when all visitor numbers plunged into the depths in July and August.  I hope you all enjoyed some time in the sun with a nice refreshing drink and I'm glad that you've slowly returned in the colder darker days :-).

So here are the posts that you've hardly bothered to read, so you might want to reconsider...or maybe not.
  • 5. Made in Belgium: Team William

    So you liked this music posts the least. Fair enough, you can't love them all and I must admit that all the best music has been posted years ago. Nevertheless I'm proud of my series that started 9 years ago and has listed more than 300 (!) Belgian music bands.  So they can't be all as good, but we can be proud of the Belgian music scene.
  • 4. On the playground
    We had fun on the playground in Waimes with or without you.
  • 3. Made in Belgium: Rhino's are people too
    Hey, I'd rather have you read less of my music posts as long as you love my posts on my little sweethearts
  • 2. Count your blessings - July 2017
    Aaaah what a pity. It is so helpful to focus on the little blessings in your life and reading them at other people's blogs enhances your focus on the positive.  I love doing this exercise each month.
  • 1. Kabouter conversations - May 2017
    I love to note Kabouter's talks each month and list it for the future and check the progress now and then and chuckle over the funny remarks.
  • 1. City garden vegetables
    These tomatoes were some of my little blessings last summer.
  • 1. Abrahamday and the arrival of the fair
    This is a recurring post each year...probably not so interesting if you're not from Leuven, although this tradition is Unesco cultural heritage.


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