Mothering a lot of stuffed animals

Since a few weeks I'm not only a mother of 2 toddlers, but also the mother of 3 stuffed bears, a stuffed puppy,  2 stuffed mice and a stuffed cat.

All of these need naps, need to eat, need to drink and need to visit the toilet.  Beertje does his best to manage them all. Yet last week I had to dry

  • a mouse that was drinking too enthusiastically and dipped its long nose into the cup too deeply, 
  • a puppy that spilled his cup of water,  
  • a mouse that had fallen into the toilet 
  • etc...
They  have to move up and down the stairs with us, they need a blanket in the sofa to have a nap, they need a bib when we sit at the table, they need a chair at the table during dinner etc.

It's fun but tiring to have such a big family full of members that need constant attention and treatment ;). Fortunately they are not noisy.


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