Snack tag

Previous week, Sofie at Sofinesse wrote her snack tag. Since I have a reputation for always being in the mood for a snack, I thought it'd be fun to fill in my version of this meme.

What's your favourite fast food restaurant?
Tough question.

I sincerely think I rarely visit the "traditional" fast food restaurants such as McDonald's etc.  If I have a choice, I'll chose Quick but don't ask me why. It's just a habit that I built as a teenager when I made a conscious choice to visit the restaurant of Belgian origin. Right now the Quick chain is in French hands if I'm not mistaken. I remember as a teenager visiting exceptionally a McDonald's once and ordering a Giant by mistake. The waiter was staring at me in a long silence and I was confused about the confusion.  Anyway, Quick seems the most familiar choice.  I know that Burger King has a lot of vivid fans and there was a lot of excitement when that chain would open up in Belgium,  but I don't understand the excitement about this chain or any chain.

If I'm in a city center I'll find plenty of other food options that excite me way more than a fast food restaurant however, so we choose the latter when we are on the road and it is a fast and easy lunch stop nearby the road.

Sweet or salty popcorn?
Salty without any doubt. I don't have a very sweet tooth. Popcorn with a bit of melted butter can be very nice too but messy to eat.  Popcorn isn't something I'd eat often. I think I've only eaten it last years on children activities. No matter what you put on popcorn it will always taste a bit like styrofoam, no? Is Belgium a popcorn country outside the movie theatres? I doubt that.

It is a hilarious and fascinating kid's activity though to pop your own popcorn and watch the corn transform.

What's your favourite ice-cream?
The love for ice-cream is a thing Jan shares with the children.  95% of the times that they eat ice-cream, I'll pass. Once again, I don't have a sweet tooth and I find ice-cream most of the time too sweet, too cold and it makes me thirsty.

But in a vacation setting this can change. Abroad, in the sun, ice-cream is more tempting.  If I eat ice-cream, I'll try to choose a sorbet ice or a yogurt ice.   Mango or raspberry or lemon are tastes that I'd consider most frequently.

Describe the best cake you've ever eaten.
I never go wild for cake.  Seriously don't invite me for cake ...invite me for appetizer snacks.

Take-away or creating a snack yourself?
Take-away or deliver :). 

 A cheese platter or a bowl of MandM's ?
Easy choice: cheese it is.  Mmm, cheese is always good. Older strong tasting cheeses are great!
On the other hand, I detest chocolate.   Yep, you read that correctly: it smells bad and tastes awful. On top of that, people that just have snacked chocolate smell like it. Never in my life will I choose out of free will a piece of chocolate.

What's your favourite snack?
Chips.  Yep, chips are my big weakness. I have a chips drawer at my desk at work. I can eat chips at any time even when I feel sick. I'm the person who'll move around at a reception from group to group, depending on the amount of chips left in the little bowl at their reception table.

Nuts are a good addition to chips. I have a stach of peanuts in the door of my car that comfort me in traffic jams.

And if it has to be something totally different, I can also enjoy a good piece of saucisson or cheese as mentioned above.

Warm or cold apple pie?
I'll appreciate warm apple pie on a winter's day.  That fits the association of cold, snow, a hot drink and a comforting snack to warm up.  Yet a pancake would be better.

What's your favourite order on a terrace?
A mojito or a different sour coctail or a fresh rosé wine or so.  And a platter of nacho chips.

Which snack accompanies your fries?
Always a kipcorn and a cheese croquette

What is your favourite taste of chips?
Most frequently I eat nacho's "chili" or so. I also enjoy salt and pepper or just a very traditional paprika.


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