Avaritia #ouderzonden

Regular readers from Belgian bloggers might have noticed that there is currently a new blogging series launched with the # ouderzonden (#parental sins) by Romina from Big City Life. Once a week, we'll blog about the 7 capital sins of parenthood. You can find the participants here.
So the question of the week is what do we not want to share with our children?

I had to think a long time for this item as there wasn't something that came to my mind immediately. 

I'd rather not share my sleep with my children, but their rhythm is their need. So it took both of them about 1 to 1,5 year to start sleeping through the night and Beertje still now and then wakes us up at night.  It's not fun, but I'll not try to train them or force them to sleep through the night earlier. On the contrary, I'm happy to take them in my arms at night , comfort and feed them because the fact that they wake up tells me they have a need to be covered. 

But hey, let's be clear, I do prefer sleeping through the night.

My laptop
In the evenings (or in the weekend during the day) I really like to have a moment for myself. And that means that I'd love to sit in the sofa with my laptop on my lap and the tv on the background. I check social media, read blogs and blog myself, browse through my endless amounts of pictures and back them up, read the newspapers online, ...

The children love to watch some youtube films or netflix and they often try to take over my laptop and I hate that. Not only because then I found a dozen browsers open on some nonsense, a tweet with "wkjqlmfkjsdqoui" hopefully not yet published or ... a keyboard that is frozen for some mysterious reason (well, the reason being that some toddler has been hitting it and probably managed to hit some unknown commands) , etc...

In order to have a true moment of peace and quiet with my laptop, I admit that I sometimes trade it in with my iPad or phone. They are happy and quiet for a while and I'm happy and quiet for a while.

see above: I do need a moment each day to just sit down on my own.  It can perfectly be after the children went to bed, but I do need one moment for myself or I'll find myself stressed and rushed.

Sometimes it also helps to go to the basement to iron while Jan and the children are above (  hahahahaaa, as if I iron so frequently)   or to go to our room and fold the enternal series of washed clothes while I play some Netflix on my iPad.

My teddybears
Before we had children, Jan and I obtained some teddy bears or other stuffed animals that we gave each other as a present. A few of them have a special memory or meaning to me and they all live in our bed in between both of our pillows. 

The children have received their own set of gifts and inherited an impressive amount of stuffed animals on their own.  They sometimes visit in our bed and then they can play with stuffed animals  but in the end, my teddy's need to stay in my room and will not move to their room or bed or downstairs to the living room.  But somehow they've understood that: we all have our own stuffed animals that we do not share and that works out well.

I've already been reading some posts from other mothers on this topic and a lot of mothers seem to have an issue to share food.  I don't recognise that: i'm willing to share everything with them (if I find it appropriate...they simply do not get coffee, Coke or alcohol etc...) but if it's something really yummie like chips, pancakes, etc. I do hope to get a decent portion myself. It's ok to share, not to give it all away.


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