Reunion with my past

Last Sunday I briefly met with a childhood friend with whom I've had little contact over the last years. It was a good moment to reconnect and catch up with each other's lives where we clearly had lost touch for a bit.  It was hard to find a moment but it felt so good that we finally succeeded to have some quality time together.

At the same time it was also a reunion with the city center of my childhood. We had a drink in a new bar next to our old high school. I saw all the buildings that looked so familiar and that have clearly been there for ages. They brought back many memories. I saw all the old industrial buildings that I always found so ugly but that have vintage beauty now. Some places where I spent half of my teenage years, have been completely transformed into a weird place that I don't recognise.  It was a strange mixture of time that stood still, of things cosily familiar, of feeling bestrangered and not belonging anymore, of feeling curious and interested.  A bit like the old friendship.


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