3 type of responses to some more snow in the morning

We woke up  yesterday morning and were surprised that it was snowing a bit in the morning:

Jan and I: 
It's snowing? Was this predicted in the weather forecast? Pff when is this winter going to end?
You'll see, there'll be a major traffic jam within 15 minutes.  Good that I still have my snow tires on. Hmm my shoes aren't the best to walk in snow.

Can I wear my new shoes...oh :(, it's snowing. Then I have to put on my snow boots. Why is it snowing? It was going to snow on Saturday? Are the clouds wrong?  Maybe they forgot to throw this snow on Saturday? Or maybe the clouds are throwing it on the wrong spot!! Yeah maybe they are saying [imitating a funny voice]  "hey, I still have some snow, where do I have to put it"

oooh  look look noooooow fallin   , nooooow walking!! 

Clearly, the younger you are, the more you live in the present and the more you see the opportunities of the current reality.


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