Beertje 2 year!

It's difficult for me to admit, but there are no more babies in our house. One can discuss when toddlerhood starts, but at the age of 2 you are definately a toddler.  And Beertje turned 2. 

Let that sink in....Beertje is 2 already. Holy crap.

On Sunday we had a mini party with the family, especially to the excitement from Kabouter who had already been wondering about the presents and the cake all week.  Beertje himself had been oblivious to it all until the guests had arrived and he was unusually quiet for more than an hour.  Where did all his family turn up from? What was this weird toasting with glasses? And which presents was Kabouter eagerly unwrapping for him? 

Slowly he thawed while playing with his new toys but the cake and the candles were puzzling him again. No, he didn't want to blow candles.  No no no. With big eyes he watched his brother blowing the candles on the cake. And then he stuffed himself with 3 donuts which is fine on your birthday. 

It was a good day and it felt good to gather again together...this time in better and less emotional circumstances and spend more time together.


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