Beertje's words (part V)

Beertje has really transformed into a talking toddler than can make his opinion and wishes quite clear.  Talking is never just a word anymore, but are short 3-5 word sentences.  He's quite good in combining it with facial expressions that are so often adorable or funny to watch (a thinking face, a disagreeing face, the puppy pleading face, ...).

So here's some of the words and phrases I wrote down from him in the last weeks to see the progress.
  • Hatsjiee                                       : Sneezing immitation 
  • Plak                                             : Sticky
  • Dag Sinterklaa uh  daag              : Singing lots of Sinterklaas songs in January
  • Slaapjell                                       : Goodnight greeting
  • Komkom                                      : he's ordering us to come and look or do something 
  • akkeakke tuut tuut                       : part of a train song (In een klein stationnetje)
  • Appelsjiensjap                             : orange juice
  • Wacht eens mamaaaa                  : Ordering me to wait for him
  • Autobaan                                     : Car roads
  • Nanassap                                      : Pineapple juice
  • Koffie make                                  : he wanted to push the buttons of our big coffee machine
  • Sjelf Sjtappe!!                              : he's not a stroller toddler, he wants to walk himself!
  • Pijn                                               : pain
  • Klaar?? Klaar?                              : Are we done  (repeatedly asked while I'm dressing him)
  • Kijk Sinterklaa in boesj                : There was a bus with a bus driver with a long white beard
  • Papa helpuh                                  : Telling his dad to help him
  • Nee nie dansuh , grond                 : He doesn't want me to dance with him in my arms. Pity :(
  • nog wortel                                     : Another carrot
  • Lekker appelsjap mmmmm          : Yummie apple juice
  • Nog eentje jaaaaa                          : Yeaaaah another one
  • Kabou pipi doen                            : he states that his brother went to pee
  • Ikke [Teertje]                                 : he consistently names himself with a T (which is now picked up by the other children in daycare as well)
  • Van [Teertje]                                   : something belongs to him
  • Tinkuh op                                       : he's out of drinks
  • Blokoki                                           : brocoli
  • Gemaaak(t)/Maakt                          : something's fixed
  • Mama, kijkuh vaajaa, oh kijk nog vaaja:  Look mommy , a truck, oh look, another truck
  • Tjeine slapen                                   : The trains are asleep (if no trains come by )
  • Walvisj  (to dolphins)                      : a whale (while pointing to the image of a dolphin)
  • Ohoh   kijk eesj, onder water!!        : uh oooh, look, under the water (after he threw something in the bath)
  • Kijk eesj, kijk eesj                            : Look look
  • Helpuh                                              : Help me
  • Lekkuh warm!                                  : his duvet is nicely warm  
  • Flesje drinken                                  : drink from his bottle
  • Neeeee, nog luifjes, nee daaar, nog luifjes, daaar:  At the market we have to return to the fruit stand to taste more grapes if it were his choice. For 15 min he's trying to redirect us to the fruit stand and is visibly quite upset when we don't...until he gets a donut at the bakery stand.
  • Kousjes aan, nog uh kousje aan         : socks on. Another sock on.
  • Ja die mama, jaaaa, bravo mama       : he applauded when I took the jam on the table to put on my sandwish
  • Ooooh kijk, nog ballonne                   : Look more balloons (when looking at colorful easter eggs)
  • Tuutje? Tuutje?  Ohhhh tuutje weg!  : Pacifier gone? (while searching through my bags)
  • Boekuh lezuh                                     : Reading books
  • Visjes                                                  : Fish
  • 1 2 8 6 7                                             : he makes attempts to count

Here you can compare Kabouter's list at exactly the same age
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