Ira #ouderzonden

Regular readers from Belgian bloggers might have noticed that there is currently a new blogging series launched with the # ouderzonden (#parental sins) by Romina from Big City Life. Once a week, we'll blog about the 7 capital sins of parenthood. You can find the participants here.

This week's question is : When do your children push your buttons? At what point do they trigger anger from you as parent?

Broken iphone
I think I've been maddest at them when they broke my iphone...within 3 hours that I had just had the screen repaired.

I'm a bit ashamed for that as I am first of of wrong for letting my children play on my phone on other times and I had it left to charge...clearly within their reach and then they must have dropped it to break the screen once again. 

The disappointment and frustration to see it broken once again after the big relief that I had it repaired (and it was me who dropped it the first time and broke the screen the first time!), just pushed my own buttons and I yelled at them and I cried. 

Anyhow I hope they learned to take care of other people's things for as much as they can understand it at that age, but after my first explosion I've not stayed angry for long as it was an accident and I can't honestly blame them for it.  And because of that, I am now using a phone with a broken screen. That'll teach me.

Not progressing at all when we are in a hurry
When I am in a rush and they clearly aren't, then I also get quite irritated and impatient due to my own stress.

In the morning, I'm trying to get them out of the door in time and of course then it takes them a dozen reminders to go and get their shoes or to come to put their jacket on. It's the best moment for them to decide they want a different type of cookies in their school bag or that they want to take another toy or they decide to test to throw up their cup of milk in the air just when I'm in the hallway to get their coats.


Ignoring me

Similarly to the above, in general , I hate it when they ignore me. When I ask them to do something and I'm talking to the walls. Sometimes you'd wonder if they are deaf until you do the cookies test "do you want a cookie".  That always works, which is even more frustrating.

When I've said no to something, it's no  or when I've said that I'll do something in 5 minutes, I'd rather not have the question repeated a dozen times in those next 5 minutes.   So whining is not appreciated. It gets a rather opposite effect.


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