Made in Belgium: Roland Van Campenhout

Recently "Oorlogsgeleerden" from Wannes Van de Velde and Roland poped up in one of my music playslists.  It sounded so comfortable, warm and fuzzy...right on for the late cold days we've had.  I hit replay a few times before moving onwards.

I must say that I've always "known" Roland and yet he's so unknown to me. I know his photogenic face.  He''s got a face you won't forget.  He looks rather intimidating and yet also like a cuddly bear.  I know that he's a blues musician, a folk musician, a country musician, ... but really, I don't know him. So I looked up some more music and I think I need to dig a bit deeper and get to know Roland a bit better. What do you think?


Anne said…
Roland is zeker de moeite waard om je in te verdiepen.

Met De Piepkes ziet hij er niet vervaarlijk maar eerder zeer prettig gestoord uit:

(ik hou van die foto waar hij in zijn gehaakte zwembroek opstaat)

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