The issue with the 40 days blogging challenge

107 bloggers signed up for the #40daysblogging challenge: they'll try to blog 40 times during lent between Feb 14 and April 1st.  All participants are listed on this page and are also part of a FB group. 

It's the second year in a row that the challenge has been organised and I notice the same effect: everybody is trying to squeeze out extra time to post more regularly and get more written.  As a result: nobody has time left to read the other blogs whereas there's an explosion of new posts to be written.

For a dozen of those blogs, I had a subscription to them in my feed reader. Some of them I discovered a year ago but they were only blogging about once a week. Now my feedreader has 6-7 times as many posts as usual. I'll catch up with a lot of delay as I did last year, or I'll mark them all as read at one point and pick up again as of that moment.  I did add a few new blogs in my reader though, as it is a good opportunity to discover some new blogs...but I'm not reading all of them yet.

So...we're all doing extra effort to blog for less audience :D.  Fortunately most of my blog readers are family and friends that track my life via the posts that appear in my personal FB.

Maybe Kathleen should organise next year a #40daysbloggingchallenge in waves: the participants subscribe to wave 1, 2 or 3 (of maybe 30 days so that it all doesn't take too long) and these waves should be chronologically postponed.  So participants have the time to read along on other blogs when they are not blogging themselves.


Sheena said…
Ik heb hetzelfde probleem .... wie krijgt dat allemaal gelezen? Ik pik er dus maar gewoon dagelijks enkele blogposts uit die mij het interessants lijken en de rest gaat op 'mark all as read'. Zonde hé

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