I see what you don't see on my morning commute

  • A pheasant on a pile of dirt along the road, watching traffic
  • An orange colored fall forest
  • Sun peaking through some fog, lighting up rolling fields
  • A flock of geese flying by low in V-formation
  • A dead roadkill deer  or a roadkill badger :(
  • A big swan strolling over a field
  • A running hare ...multiple days on the same field
  • An F16 fighting falcon driving by loaded on a truck
  • Golden fields of rapeseed glowing in the morning sun on a slope, in contrast with dark clouds behind them
  • A street crossing mouse
  • The fire department covering the street in opposite direction behind a big white tent to cover up what probably is an accident without happy end
  • A car broken down on the edge of the road, creating a traffic jam...which turns out to be your colleague waiting for a tow-away service
  • The first sun beams diagonally crossing the forest in spring

On my way to work I drive through the forest and the country-side. The scenery often gives me a big smile on my face and it has happened that I exclaim a little wow behind the wheel. It's moments I'd love to capture on picture. But it's good that I'm driving and that I can't take pictures of everything I see in my life. I take pictures enough.  

But this is a little list of things that struck me now and then on my morning commute to work, that keeps hanging there for a moment, that I wish to share with colleagues at the coffee machine.

Why mornings and not evenings? 
Well for the simple reason that I drive home half of the year in darkness, that I'm more often stuck in (small) traffic jams in the evening (and the rear side of the car in front of me rarely excites me) , that I'm more often tired and caught in thoughts on my way back home   or that I sometimes take the highway home which has less beautiful scenery. 


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