Visiting Le Musée de Picasso at Antibes

Germain Richier

During our visit of Antibes, some of us wanted to visit the Picasso Museum which is located in the old Grimaldi castle overlooking the town and the sea.  Pablo Picasso lived in this former castle for 6 months in 1946 and it's been the first museum dedicated to the master in the world.
A bit to my uninformed surprise, there ratio of paintings of Pablo Picasso himself was rather low as the museum expanded its collection with a significant collection of Nicolas de Staël. His painting "Le Concert" is one of the eyecatchers with its wall covering size. Also paintings from Hans Hartung and Anna-Eva Bergman are well respresented thanks to contributions of their foundation as well as other art.  My favourite was one by Hans Hartung. 

Chateau de Grimaldi

T1962-H33 - Hans Hartung 

Le Concert - Nicolas de Staël

Drawings by Pablo Picasso

The entrance price of the museum is 6€ but the reduced price for children, seniors or big families is 3€. 
Opening times from Tuesday to Sunday between 10-13h and 14h-18h at Place Mariejol, 06600 Antibes, Frankrijk

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