Des chiffres et des lettres

Kabouter has always shown an interest in letters. I remember eg that he was spending a long time in the Joe and the Juice in London to ask what were the letters on the wall. Also on other vacations we received coloring plates in the restaurants, but instead he asked us to spell out his name and other names.

I noticed on the other hand that most of his class mates knew how to write their own names (and some other names) a while before he did, so it's not that he is very advanced. We also learned this spring from the teachers that Kabouter is a little behind compared to the average children of his age when it boils down to fine motoric skills.

But we see him advancing well. He really picked up the interest to draw and color in the 2nd half of this school year and this summer he picked up the love for all kind of assignment books. He keeps himself busy now and then with "connect the lines", "find the differences", "color following a number legend", connect through a maze, etc etc.  And he also asks more information on letters again, so he's now also attempting to write his first letters based on an assignment book for 5-6 year olds.   

It's very cute to see him concentrated. We don't push him at all: he only works in the books when he picks them up himself.  If we need to help him too much and when he starts asking us to do the assignment on his behalf, we suggest he play other games if he doesn't want to do it himself.  Yet I feel he's learning a lot in the last weeks and that's fun to see.

I've often been surprised that he's only one more year in kindergarden before he starts elementary schools. Yet when I see this, I see how it'll evolve all naturally over the coming months.  


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