Flea market in the village

At the start of the summer, there's always a flea market in the village of the Ardennes.  Unlike other flea markets that are vibrant in the early hours but die off in the afternoon, this one becomes a village party in the afternoon with music bands marching through the stands and a village BBQ at the church.  There's a lot of local neighbours each year getting a stand out, so a lot of people all seem to know each other. Nevertheless there's also outsiders that travel from flea market to flea market with vintage goods or with the cheap (plastic) hype of the summer. 

This year we had a double booking in our agenda so I thought we'd miss it. But the children are up quite early, so we managed to give the market an early visit before leaving.  The atmosphere was still quite calm. There were still some stands setting up, which was rather late on the other hand for a typical flea market. 

For most things on a flea market, I roll my eyes. I wonder who buys that stuff? I'm not a collector of army helmets or decorated sugar pots. Neither do I care for old postal cards or a strange buddha sculpture or a hip inflated pink flamingo.  I'm not into retro or vintage, neither do I want a lot of decorative things in my house. But for practical things such as children toys, it is a nice cheap means to extend the children's amount of toys even further.  Since previous year, Kabouter is fully aware that a flea market is a place where you can actually buy things instead of just viewing stuff.  So he was hunting for his one and only allowed second-hand toy of choice, after which we did the same for his little brother. So after a short stroll through the village, they returned each with a new plastic treasure. 


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