A trip to Planckendael zoo before the rain

Today was one of those weekends that really suck because Jan had to fly out to the US. I am so used to his frequent travels on week days but find them hard in the weekend.

While I have a long to do list, I know that we all need to get outdoors or we all become grumpy. On top of that I long for some adult conversations and contact on such weekends. A bit before noon we headed to Planckendael zoo.

We visited some parts I didn't visit in the previous visits like Oceania and America but due to time constraints we skipped Africa completely this time.  The weather was grey with mild rain but after a few hours I got hungry, tired and cold and imagined it wouldn't take long before the children's mood would shift as well. On top of that, the weather forecast wasn't too good.

It didn't take long before the car turned silent and the clouds broke open.  I profited from staying in the parked car with the napping boys for an extra 20 minutes until it was a little drier to escape into our home for some hot soup. 

We also enjoyed the visit from a friend who came to offer me some adult companionship and a good time to catch up together before I got into the evening routines with the little ones. 


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