An early birthday party

Kabouter will turn 5 years, but we could only fit in a birthday party in our agenda's a bit in advance.  But that doesn't spoil the fun,  right? He could invite some classmates and for practical reasons it was easier to extend the invitation to some brothers and sisters which resulted in some play friends for Beertje as well.

And so Jan had 7 5-year olds and a few younger ones in the room but that idea didn't seem to scare him at all. I returned home from work early nevertheless to give an extra hand in feeding the troops and to face paint them. All of a sudden we had an invasion of clowns in the house and a big spontaneous project to build a circus show, including posters getting drawn, tickets getting made etc...

So when the parents had had a little drink to catch up before they returned home, we first had to watch a little clown dance. The sight of our exploded living room was amazingly quickly cleaned up, the children in time in bed and so we deserved a quiet catch up work.


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