Birthday celebrations in the family

The end of summer and start of automn is a busy birthday period in our family.  Since Jan's away, I profited to visit a lot of family and get some company. With the pouring rain and very poor driving conditions, I regretted that plan but fortunately the first drive was the longest and the worst visibility and afterwards it was better.  We lunched at my in-laws, then picked up my parents at home and drove to my sister's house.

Kabouter seemed to consider it as a birthday present collection round where he greeted everyone with "where's the presents? Where is your present".  Hmm.  After the unpacking, the boys were playing very nicely together with all the new toys.  There was cake for Kabouter, there was another late cake for his cousin's birthday and there was German wine for my mother's birthday.  Lot's of ingredients for a good time together while the world was drowning outside from the non-stop rain. 


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