I'm a lucky bastard

I don't consider my life as something extra-ordinary
I do have my share of difficult worries and challenges

but I have somehow got a few blogs in my feedreader in the last year from moms with a child that needs special care such as eg the lovely Jackson with Usher syndrom or Sophia with PID.  Lovely fun children, warm caring parents,  but with extra worries and life choices to be made for the children such as moving, changing or reducing jobs, new adapted schools, ... Touching stories that sometimes cut deep.

And a colleague got a relapse of cancer

And other people need to make tougher financial choices than we do

And several friends have important relational issues and others are alone and wish for some more support.

And then it's good to realise now and then that I am a lucky bastard with healthy happy children, a good stable job in a good atmosphere, a comfortable financial situation, a good relationship,... I don't have a merit for any of that. It's not my "achievement" and let's hope it never changes, but it could.
And while I try to treasure my life and keep it as it is, I hope to offer empathy and support for as much that I can do in different situations.


ElsS said…
same here, another lucky bastard ;-)
Anonymous said…
I find myself in a place where a lot of heavy and serious stuff happens to me and to my loved ones. And I do wonder sometimes why it always happens to us. Hasn't it been enough? Apparently not.
It does make us stronger, I think. And gives us more depth. But hell, I'd like to live with a little less drama.
But I'm happy that you are a lucky bastard, and I'm even more happy that you realise it, that's the most important part of your story, I think.
It doesn't mean you don't have the right to moan and complain. Everybody has the right to do that, and to feel bad or down regularly.
But still, I'm glad you realise how happy you are.
Lucky bastard :-)
But hey, I'm a lucky bastard too, because I have a lovely and great and caring and warm family :-)
Anne said…
Anonymous said? Hey, that was me! Anne :-)
Goofball said…
Dag Anne, leuk dat je hier even stopte en een comment naliet.
Ja ik besef dat ik veel geluk heb dat vele anderen niet hebben. Dus ik probeer er van te genieten maar ook stil te staan bij wat anderen soms meemaken. Want uiteindelijk is mijn geluk geen verdienste, noch het ongeluk /zorgen van anderen. Wie weet zijn de rollen ooit omgekeerd.

'k hoop voor jou dat het niveau van drama in jouw leven zal verminderen.
Anne said…
Tegelijk is er gewoon ook de kunst van positief te blijven hè. En niet te vervallen in gezaag. En dat probeer ik ook actief toe te passen :-)
En ik hoop heel hard voor jou dat je een lucky bastard mag blijven. Ik wens het je van harte toe :-)
Isa said…
well said!

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