More Sinterklaas toys

Thanks to Sinterklaas's letter we knew we'd find some more toys at the grandparents from Sinterklaas. Apparently the holy Man was optimising his logistics by splitting up his delivery.  "Where's the presents" was Kabouter's greeting to his grandparents...hmm not the best manners. Especially not since he then was whining for a missing toy even though he was told a hundred times he was asking too much and that Sinterklaas would never give him everything on his list.

So now he wonders if he can put a shoe for Santa already. Little spoilt brat...I don't think that's going to happen.

Beertje on the other hand simply enjoyed everything that appeared with enthusiasm and without questions asked. Anyway, after the initial whining, there was a lot of playing together with new toys this weekend. And we introduced 2 parlor games which was very nice to do together. 

Santa delivered some gaming computers to the bigger children

So much chocolates!


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