Walking in the woods

During our few days in the Ardennes I didn't seem to get to execute my plans to do nothing...I bought a new book but didn't start to read it yet, I didn't watch anything on Netflix and I didn't make it to play UNO with Kabouter as promised (but I made a hell lot of puzzles with him). Somehow time flew by without spending as much on the sofa as I had intended to do.

We made some small trips to discover some new things in the east of Belgium but also headed to the woods to catch some fresh air and get moving a bit. And that is always a nice way to relax.

Walking at the Belgian-German border of Kalterherberg - Küchelscheid.

We drove a bit further than our usual stop and parked near the Keyhaul railbike where we had riden our bike this summer. From there we walked through the Küchelscheid village at the border and risked ourselves to turn off across the border as the maps didn't show any 'international' walk route across the border. We felt however confident enough to know the area and to invent our own little loop into a German wood and back.  We really didn't head out far, so there was not much risk since we could always return on our steps.
It was a foggy day but very refreshing to be outdoors. When it is so quiet we always hope to find surprise some wildlife but we only crossed a German hare.

Watching the Belgian village Küchelscheid from a German hill.

Crossing the bridge back into Belgium with the border stone visible.

Walking near Petit Troupa 

We intended to redo the walk we made here last Summer to beat the heat wave because Kabouter wanted to see some highland cows. Unfortunately the highland cows were nowhere to be seen. And there was no snow as exactly a year before when we were sledging here plowing through untouched snow.

We made it until the crossing of the Nessolo bogland and Scheidback creek, which seemed too much inondated for our shoes to cross. As a result we had to return on our steps. It probably made the walk a more feasible distance for the children to complete.

They walked a long time silently in the woods but once again no wildlife to be discovered: no giraffes, no deer, no foxes, no crocodiles, ...:). It was just us.

so many "christmas trees" in Grand Troupa

The Nessolo bogland couldn't be crossed this time because the Scheidbach creek had flooded too much


yab said…
Toch een prachtige streek! Ik moet nog eens op bezoek komen.

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