Our Paw Patrol boys

Kabouter has been a big fan of Paw Patrol for years now and has asked most of the toys...as a result Beertje is a fan as well (although he prefers Peppa Pig if he gets to choose the tv cartoon). 

Since the 2 oldest boys were still getting better from their virusses and we missed out on yet another weekend of gorgeous winter fun in the Ardennes,  Jan got the good idea to go and see the movie "Paw Patrol Mighty Pups" this afternoon.   

For Beertje it was his movie theatre debute...which he lived through with big eyes and constant pop corn eating. Kabouter had already been to Cars3 in 2017 with us and a few times with school. 

There was one classmate in the theatre so in the break there was a lot of racing around in front of the big screen. In the entire experience Beertje lost somewhere his Marshall mask, which annoyed me greatly but the children seem to have digested the loss and claimed they had a fun afternoon. 


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