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I completely forgot to blog this week.  Somehow I have less inspiration since we didn't do much special in the weekend and I have a lot of my mind. As a result I prefer to stare a bit blank at the tv without too much big thoughts and go to bed well in time to stay well rested. I did not feel the energy or inspiration to complete the several draft posts that I have ready on my blog.

But yesterday I saw this coffee-tag over at Anne and I've seen it before over at Bostonbaby.  It seems like a nice casual little intermezzo to complete, so here I go.

1. When did you drink your first coffee and how did it taste?

Honestly, I have no idea.  I probably tried to sip from my parent's coffee as a child or teenager and I detested it. What a dreadful bitter taste! Yikes.

I surely didn't start to commonly drink it until I finished studying. As an exchange student in Canada, I had the reputation in my host families that they had to buy a cow for me as I was drinking so much milk.   But no coffee.

I think I started trying to drink it more regular when working as a consultant in Brussels and trying to cut down on my coca cola input when I had a dip of fatigue.  And as such it became a habit. I have no idea however when I started drinking it at home for breakfast. Somehow I can't believe/remember I set coffee for myself before Jan was living full-time at home in Belgium (being 10 years ago).

2. With whom do you enjoy drinking coffee?

I must honestly admit that coffee is less linked to a social moment for me.  When I drink coffee in the morning, in all honesty, sometimes I wish I was alone.
When I drink at work, it's simply at my desk in front of my computer.

Just when in a city with others, entering a coffee shop can ensure a nice little social break.

3. On which moments of the day do you drink coffee?

With breakfast and at work at my desk or in meetings (mostly in the morning but if a fatigue dip happens in the afternoon I get another coffee to battle that).  If tired in the weekend I might also drink a coffee at lunch.

When visiting my parents , we've taken the habit of drinking a coffee together in the afternoon.

I do not tend to drink a coffee after dinner as is often offered in restaurants. I don't believe I drink coffee after 5PM although that's not a formal rule...more a habit.

4. What's your favourite coffee variation?

A latte machiatto, a cafĂ© russe , a cappucino or simply a coffee with a lot of milk. 
I can't drink coffee without the milk that needs to mask the bitterness.

5. What's your favourite coffee brand?
At home we drink a mixture of mokka and Cerrado beans. 
In the Ardennes I belief we buy Douwe Egberts or the Carrefour home brand. 

I'm not very picky to be honest...since I mask a lot of taste with milk.

6. Do you often try out new sorts / tastes or do you remain loyal to one taste?


7. Do you have other tastes available at home for guests?

I used to have caffeinefree coffee available but it was hardly ever used and I think I threw it out after many years of sitting idle in the cupboards in an open bag.

8. Where do you buy the coffee?

We buy the beans at a specialised market stand in Heverlee.  And otherwise we buy it in the supermarket.

9. How do you drink your standard cup of coffee?

With lots of milk as stated above.

10. What do you enjoy most with coffee?

Ugh, I don't need to eat with a coffee. I am not a cookie snacker, much to my mom's frustration as she always tries to find something new to offer me.  At breakfast, I eat my breakfast but in most other cases coffee is just a cup without additions.

11. How do you make your coffee?

At home we have a good espresso machine that can make latte's, cappucino's or whatever so it's just a matter of pushing the right button and putting your cup underneath.  It functions on beans.

In the Ardennes we make filter coffee with a fairly traditional coffee maker.

And at work, it's a matter of pushing the right buttons as well.   The big mugs at work fit exactly 2 machine cappucino's , which is my standard choice :).


Anne said…
Ha, nog een melk-liefhebber. Hahaha, een koe kopen :-)

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