The last New years letters

It seems to have become a tradition to have the last New Year's letters with Jan's brother somewhere in February.  There's only 4 weekends in January after a lot of holidays so there's only so much you can plan and a little break from family gatherings feels good.

And then we catch-up in February with the outstanding visits.   Jan is godfather of his nephew and Jan's brother is godfather from Kabouter (so also his nephew).   So the visit combines for those 2 children.

All children, Beertje included, were still eager to read their letter. The foresight of some more presents to be exchanged was very motivating. The almost birthday for my niece was an occasion to give additional presents.  After that we could all test some of the presents with a lot of playing, reading and a sushi meal with wine. 


Anne said…
Wat een mooie kinderen allemaal zeg!

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