A buzy puzzle weekend

This weekend we had

  • 2 lazy mornings, 
  • we visited Jan's parents with the children,
  • the children and Jan took a promised train ride to Bruges and visited part of the city together. 
  • In the mean time I visited my parents 
  • Saturday evening I went out for dinner with 2 girlfriends to catch up.  
  • At night I drove to the hotel in Bruges and tried to sneak into the room and in bed in the darkness and in silence (pretty difficult in a room you don't know, but in the end Jan was awake)
  • On Sunday we visited Bruges like real tourists
  • and in the middle of the afternoon we drove home to enjoy the rest of the afternoon some naptime/playtime at home and an easy Sunday evening.

Agenda puzzle well completed so I think!!

Someone trying to break-in into his grandmother's cupboards

Waking up in an unknown hotel room :p

Bruges,  surely the most gorgeous Belgian city 

2 digital natives


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