The alcohol tag

After the coffee tag, I found an alcohol tag here, which seemed fun to fill once myself. Earliers this week also Levelieze filled it in.

On a terrace I like to drink:

It really depends.  If there are cocktails on the menu, then I love to enjoy a mojito, especially on vacation. Otherwise, depending on the weather and the time of the day, it could be a (craft/ sour) beer but often it is a simple cool glass of white or rosé wine.

Wine for life or beer all the way? 

In the recent years that balance seems to have shifted towards wine again, despite my past professional background where I've worked 10 years in the world of breweries and where I truly learned to enjoy and appreciate the craft of brewing.

On vacation we still go hunting a lot for local (craft) beers and I still can't resist the joy of a sour beer such as a gueuze or Rodenbach or ... Lager beer on the other hand has never been a big thing for me except as an exceptional thirst quencher.  My quest to find a good specialty beer has nevertheless decreased in the recent years. Especially at home, my basement does not boast a full load of specialty beers anymore.  Well to be honest, it still does for, but they've gathered so much dust that they need a clean-up rather than some drinking.

Wine on the other hand...a glass of wine is always enjoyable. We often drink one with the meal.

What did you drink when you were 16?

I don't think I drank (a lot of ) alcohol when I was 16. As a teenager I was very firm in my principles and I tried to be very much an example teenager.  With hindsight, I realise that that was just as much part of the traditional search for an identity as a teenager as other kid's that lost themselves in partying and dating etc.  Both are examples of opposing to something, I suppose. So I opposed to drinking at a young age. I probably tried a beer now and then but the beers offered at parties in plastic cups grossed me out and convinced me that I had nothing to do with beer (and alcohol in general).

I have no idea if I drank along at home when there were visitors and got a sip of wine or not.  I probably did because I remembered that I rolled my eyes in Canada at the age of 17-18 when they made a big deal out of alcohol being forbidden when you were under age. At that time I was convinced that a society that doesn't hide alcohol , enables teenagers to get a more balanced mature attitude towards it compared to societies that turn it into a forbidden fruit.

What is the most gross you ever drank?

I have no idea what could get that title.  Probably some strong liquor that already hits your nose before you drink it? Anise based drinks are horrible in general as well as liqueurs and some of the stuff you get as a digestive in restaurants with your bill.

What do you drink at a party?

That depends from the type of party of course. If there is an offer of cava or wine, that will be my preference since parties do not tend to have a nice choice of specialty beers.

On vacation I drink?

In the heat at the pool to beat some thirst:  very occasionally a beer. Sometimes a cocktail.
In the evening with a meal in hot destinations : wine
In the evening with a meal in cool destinations (and if available and if fitting with the meal) : a local craft beer

Do you drink only at social occasions or also at home?

Jan and I regularly open a bottle of wine at home that we drink over 2-3 days but I never drink alcohol when he's not home. Drinking alcohol on my own alone somehow feels wrong. So there is a social link with alcohol for me.


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