My blog moved!

After blogging here for 14 years I decided this morning that it was time for some fresh air and a new space.   So my blog moved from here to there.

Just kidding, it's April 1st, you people. I'm just once honored to be a guest blogger at someone elses blog :).   So come on, move over and go and read at Satur9's World and see how I love walking in the fresh air. For once you can read a blogpost from me in Dutch :-)


Anne said…
Zeer geslaagde 1 aprilgrap :-)
En leuk je te mogen verwelkomen op mijn blog!
Goofball said…
Ah Anne, je had nog niet door, maar ik neem nu ginder je plekje over eh ;)...LOL
Anne said…
Hahahaha grapjas gij :-D

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