The lonely cow and a very functional friendship

B: "Mommy look, that cow is alone because the other cows are out with the farmer".
G: "Oh really, would she feel a bit lonely now?"
He nods with an earnest look. 

We stand at the fence and stare at the cow at the far end of the field.

G: "She's not really alone, we are here with her. Maybe you should tell her."
B: "Meeeeuhhhh"
G: "Hellloooo cow, we are here" 
B: "Meeeuh, we are heeeere"
G: "Ah now she knows she has some friends here so she does not need to be sad.  Your are her friend right?"

There's a short hesitation and silence, then he nods affirmatively while leaning on the fence

B: "Meeeeuuuh we are your frieeeeeends."
G: "Great, now she must feel better"
B: "But if the other cows return, than we are not her friends anymore."


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