Canadian wildlife

Besides spotting bears, we encountered of course lots of other wildlife during our roadtrip in Canada. The vastness of nature is one of the prime reasons why I adore this country so much.

We were very happy to see some species this time that we had not encountered before.

1) First of all we saw a swimming beaver in the river nearby Drumheller.  I was on a wobbling hanging bridge too afraid to get my camera out so no picture.  While beaver fortresses are all around and while on a previous trip we've heard the beaver swim, this was the first time I had such a clear view on the animal.

2) Bisons

3) Bighorn mountain sheep.

I've seen them 24 years ago multiple times but somehow we didn't cross them on our last trip. And this time...they were everywhere. Everywhere. In huge numbers and often in the middle of the road.

The guides at the Columbia Icefields complained on how stupid they seem to be...after a few weeks they were also the subject of our mockery.

4) A moose. We saw a moose.  We were so excited about it. It was in the far distance on an island in the river and there was a big traffic chaos as all cars stopped in the middle of the road and then manoeuvred through so i only have a crappy butt picture. But it's a moose!

5) Mountain goat

6) Coyote

7) Elk  / Wapiti

8) Mule deer, white tailed deer, ...  :  Deer are everywhere in abundance. After a while you don't always bother to take pictures.

9) Ground squirrels, chipmunks, squirrels, ...

These little rodents are everywhere as well. Often  you can't see them but they whisstle to warn each other about your presence.   So you are being watched!

10) not the actual wildlife but the roadsigns and warning signs in Canada are fun!


Leen said…
Haha zo grappig al die auto's die gewoon stoppen ipv rustig efkes te parkeren! :-D Veel diertjes gespot zeg!

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