You are in bear country

In 2005 we saw on our trip in Canada no bears (end of August/ September). 
In 2011 we saw on our trip in Canada 16 bears (end of May / early June). This included a bear viewing excursion in Whistler, BC. 
In 2014 we saw on our trip in Canada 8 bears. (end of May / early June).

Since we were travelling end of May, early June when the bears have woken up from their winter sleep and left their den but the mountain heights are still covered in excellent time to spot them along the highways, we were very curious and hopeful to see many.

So did or did we not break our record of 16 bears??

Yes we did...we saw 11 adult black bears, 4 black bear cups and 4 grizzlies.  But we don't have pictures of them all so you'll just have to trust me. Sometimes they were just a glimpse when they were in the ditch next to the highway while we zip by.  Here's the bears we have on picture.

Bear #1: Exist Jasper to Maligne lake

Bear #2 + # 3 (baby) + #4 (baby) : On the Icefields Parkway

Bear #5: 
On the Icefields Parkway

Bear #6: Kootenay National Park  - in the no stopping zone

Bear #7 - Bear #8: Grizzlies in Kootenay National Park - in the no stopping zone

Bear #9 and bear #10: Waterton Lakes National Park   

Bear # 11 + #12 (baby) + #13 (baby) : Canmore Grassi Lakes

Bear #14 : Kanakaski's Valley


Le petit requin said…
Owkay, wanneer wij nog eens naar Canada gaan wordt het dus in de periode eind mei / begin juni :) Wij waren er in 2013 in augustus / september en zagen er 5; een zwarte beer alleen en een zwarte berenmoeder met drie cups. Ook niet slecht natuurlijk, maar 19 is echt wel machtig!

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