Made in Belgium: André Brasseur

Time for some nostalgia...I ran into André Brasseur and his organ music this week.  The music sounds very dated ...such things are no longer produced. Yet it's very charming, comforting and very nostalgic.  And it's classic hit music.

I immediately picture 60ies living rooms where this comes through an old brown big radio, when I hear this. There are orange seats and a woman with a beehive and a mini skirt :D. So join me with this flashback into the past.

Pretty cool to discover on youtube that André Brasseur played live at the Pukkelpop festival 3 years ago. I didn't know to be honest.


Anne said…
Dat orgel. Zalig toch.
Anne said…
Maar allez jong! De mens wordt begot 80 en treedt nog altijd op. Hoe knap is dat!
En dan vind ik die ontvangst op Pukkelpop toch wel echt, echt prachtig.
Goofball said…
@Anne: ja geweldig eh :)
Kris10 said…
Paar jaar geleden ook op Leuven Jazz, je hebt wat gemist :)

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