GP Jef Poeske Scherens

On Sept 1st the yearly cycling race GP Jef Scherens was organised in the city center of Leuven again.  I fought my preference to stay in bed all day and kicked myself into my walking shoes despite my fatigue and grief, after which we made a big tour throughout the city. We followed for a great part the circuit so we saw the race with its 13 tours coming by multiple times. 

Too bad that Jasper Stuyven wasn't defending his title in his hometown (but he won the tour of Germany that day so he had a good excuse).

Watching the race come by our house on the screens of the Big Market 


Anne said…
Het zal je deugd gedaan hebben!
Goofball said…
In alle eerlijkheid liep ik er die dag gewoon in een zombie waas bij en tsjokte ik vooral met de jongens mee.
Anne said…
Maar het wandelen, of het zombietsjokken zoals je wil, zal echt wel goed geweest zijn.

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