Birthday boy

Our Kabouter turned 6 years old last week! For the occasion he wanted to wear his nice new shirt.  A few weekends ago during our get-away, he had already celebrated early with his grandmother and his aunt, but we had strictly waited until the day itself.  He got treated to a spaghetti dinner in a neighbourhood bistro at his request.

Of course there were some presents.  I was positively surprised on how independent he succeeded all of a sudden to build his LEGO set.  And it was so charming to see the 2 boys working together patiently with Beertje in the role of assistant, handing pieces and safeguarding the wheels (and counting them in intermediate inventories) until building step 22 :D. 


Kris10 said…
Hip hip hip HOERA
Anne said…
Hiep hiep voor de jarige!

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