Blooper of the day

Despite a long weekend with a fun trip (I'll tell that in future posts) and sufficient sleep, I returned with a new whopping big cold that make me cross-eyed with a snotty brain when the meds run out.

In such a state I need more coffee at work and so I arrived with a freshly brewed double cappucino in a training session that I was going to deliver to my colleagues yesterday noon. When entering in the training room, I manage to stumble with my cup in such a way that I pour my double cappucino directly into the built-in electrical plugs in the meeting room table.

With disbelief I stare at the 3 beige puddles that sink away in the 3 plugs, while I hear sissing and crackling and coffee starts dripping through the plugs in the table on the floor below.  At any moment I expect the lights to jump out.

And then I quickly drop the rest of my affairs on the table and rush to our technical department where I expect they have all the competencies to react correctly. 
"Is it urgent, we're trying to have a meeting but keep getting disturbed"
"Well, euh, there's lots of coffee in the electric plugs".

2 of my colleagues follow me and while my training attendees start arriving in the room we lay on the floor to distinguish the right cables in the filled cable gutters to disconnect the plug box asap and to mop the floor further while coffee keeps dripping.
"sorry, we start with a tiny bit of delay due to my clumsiness"

After unplugging some cables, my technical colleagues left and I delivered my training.
A little later our IT guy comes to my desk.  He got an telephone from Accenture in India that a router in the meeting room was disconnected at the moment I had booked that room...whether I knew what had happened. 
Euh...yes, I sort of did. We clearly had unplugged a bit more than strictly necessary.

And for the rest of the day I wondered if I needed more coffee or less coffee after such a joke? 


Le petit requin said…
Hahaha, woeps :)
Wel chance dat dat niet meteen kortsluiting gegeven heeft en je je les nog in dat lokaal hebt kunnen doen!

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