#duwmee 2019

Yesterday was the yearly charity walk for Mobile School.  Because Studio Brussel moved it's location to the city of Kortrijk the walk itinerary had to be redesigned and ended up being from Deinze to Kortrijk.   Since it started so close to my hometown and since my mom is alone, she could join us for the first time. So it became a family trip to walk the last 6 kms of #duwmee with the 8 of us.

Unfortunately I had had some stomac virus the day before and still felt a bit weak that day. As a result I volunteered a couple of hours later (social media coverage of the event) but it was good enough when that part of the walk started.

Yet at the end of the walk, the Stu Bru programmation was a bit in chaos and we had to wait for an extra hour to get the tv time, which meant that we (me and my family) had to leave to catch our train back just before that moment.  So we were no longer there when the great result was announced. On top of that, my mom tripped over the sidewalk at the end of the walk and had a painful fall and Lucas caught my stomach virus and threw up...hmm a little bit of an anti-climax of a great day.

The walk itself was great and well-organised (eg when my mom tripped, 3 security were immediately around us with radio contact to the medics standby...which my mom didn't need in the end). There was a good concert of Yevgueni.  And it stayed dry for the entire walk against all predictions until after we left at Stubru .


Anne said…
En opeens vallen de gelijkenissen tussen jouw mama en je kinderen me keihard op :-)

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