Some more Disnleyland

Riding the horse carroussel

Turning tea cups

Flying some Alladin's carpets

Meeting new friends

Riding turning Cars cars

Riding something else

Watching some Micky Mouse show

Riding the Big thunder mountain and hiding for the rain on the Mesa river boat

Flying with Peter Pan  (a disappointing very short attraction given the tremendous waiting lines at all times)

Some fairy tail boat trip

Trying to pull out excalibur in vain

Visiting the castle of Sleeping Beauty

It's a small small world after all!

Star Wars and other space friends!


Having dinner chez RĂ©mi and discovering some rats

The back ride at Disney Studio's

Our new friend Stitch

Pirates of the Carribean

Laser shooting with Buzz Lightyear

Visiting the grots of Aladin and the Genie



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