What a week ...and a weekend to recover

Pff it's good to write down your blessings and to focus on the positive beautiful things in your life. It's good to focus on them consciously as they give you energy.

But sometimes you just need to rant about the negative stuff too.  Gosh this past weekend was so needed after the previous week.
- I had one day with hormonal fatigue
- I had one difficult day after a night where a painful sinus headache kept me awake for a while
- I had another zombie day after Beertje kept both of us awake for more than 3 hours at night without apparent reason (except that maybe some virus was already present to pop-up later in the week??)
Fortunately the bad nights alternated with some good night, if not I wouldn't have managed to keep going.  But that cold kept bothering me, with more painful eyes and a running nose towards the end of the week.

On Friday morning I had to turn around on my way to school to pick up a white Beertje and a bag of laundry after he had thrown up in the class...fortunately he felt better really quickly and I returned him to school for the afternoon?

On Wednesday I read in the newspaper that there had been a tragic deadly accident at 100m from our door...yesterday I find out it's the neighbour from 3 houses further whome we've lost on that day.

On Tuesday we spent hours and hours in the bank to arrange new bank accounts and proxies etc in my father's death aftermath.  On my return home I was, as was to be expected, stuck in a major traffic jam.

If you don't sleep at night...
Beertje cured enough to be sent back to school

Needless to say I was looking forward to the weekend very much. Just some time off, to sleep in. And I slept!!  I also had to catch up some lost time for work but all in all I took it quite easy in the weekend. We spent some time in the Ardennes, took a small walk (our energy level didn't take more than 3 km) and on Sunday Beertje had a playdate while Kabouter went to the scouts.

Lazy weekend mornings with fresh pancakes.

a weekend to revitalise


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