I value child labour at home ;)

Well, they do like to help for a while at this age.  Kabouter loves setting the table whereas Beertje has a great interest in the cooking.   They also love to fold the underwear of the laundry while we fold the rest for as long as their focus lasts...in a flip of a second they can also end up jumping on the bed in between (or on top of) the folded piles. 

But when I water the plants there is protest if I do it alone. Nothing so much fun as to mess with water. 

Putting the laundry in the machine is the latest novelty... I am very curious if that'll last. 


Kris10 said…
De tafel dekken en weer afruimen is hier ook een favoriet.
yab said…
Ik gok dat de nieuwigheid er snel vanaf zal zijn. ;-)

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