Mandatory cocooning

Unlike in 1990, we got bombarded with warnings for the upcoming storm with the request to take precautions and take it seriously. 

With the memory of previous spring's storm in my mind, where I had driven 90 minutes clenching tightly to my wheel full of stress and had had painful arms for 3 days, I had no intention of battling this storm similarly this year.   I had carefully monitored all predictions and we had taken the decision to leave the Ardennes on Sunday morning when the wind would have already picked up but still before the real warnings. Ciara's full force would be Sunday afternoon and evening and night.  By then I wanted to settle at home.

At home (and in the Ardennes before we left) we tried to place all objects on our terrace more securely.

Kabouter's scouts was reduced in time and would take place inside. So it seemed ok to go still before the announced storm peak.   Much to my surprise I found them all playing outside when I picked them up: when trees had fallen down nearby the little cabin they had deemed it to be more safe to be on the grass field after all.

This sign was there before because old sick trees had been cut down in December by the city of Leuven...the sign was nevertheless very relevant today for the remaining ones.

At home we filled the afternoon with camp building and games


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