Tourist in Bruges again

About a year after our little citytrip to Bruges, we headed back to Bruges.  At the end of Spring Break we both had taken a long weekend and since we had a family appointment in the west of the country very early on Saturday, it seemed like a good combination to go early and visit Bruges another time. 

The boys were happy to be back in the hotel near the train station.  We were welcomed by alcohol hand sanitizers that were put everywhere very prominently into view. 

We walked downtown and tasted a delicious lace waffle from Jan's cousin's waffle atelier. 

We were lucky that the predicted rain was a little late so we could enjoy a chilly but dry stroll through the historic city center. Despite the vacation period it was rather calm in the city. 

We went to visit the Chocolate Museum Choco Story at the request of the children and when we got out it was raining in the mean time. Brrrr not so much fun anymore. We had some drinks somewhere and tried to shop a little to spend more time in the warmth.  We really had to stretch time a little with another drink somewhere after which we retreated in the comfort of the hotel. 


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