We share too many opinions, mostly irritated and sour

At the announcement of the lockdown measures, most people were overwhelmed.  A lot of solidarity was shown: students offerent shopping help to the elderly, we all put white blankets as a thank you in our windows, we clapped at 8 PM for the care , we decorated our windows with teddy bears to entertain the little ones going for a walk.   We phoned friends and asked how they were doing. 

After a few weeks I have the impression that we are all getting more in a routine. We are slowly getting used to this new normal. Working from home,  digital contacts, ... it's my impression we already ask less frequently how one is doing.  We are having less digital appetizers. I read about more people having decreasing contacts, retreating more and more in one's bubble.

But with the new routines, our old opinions are back. Maybe more sour and irritated as the sole way to let out frustrations.

Everyone rants about hoarders. Shame on them! How dare they.  Their selfishness at the detriment of the poorer or those working in the care sector is horrible.
         But I wonder if there were truly that many evil hoarders.  Did so many people load up carts and carts with unnecessary things? Or were there many many scared people that just took a little bit of extra? if all of us just took a little bit of extra food items extra to stock up just in case during the same week, we'd also create empty shelves.  Who among us dares to say he did not buy a single bit extra compared to a similar week a month before?  I admit that I stocked up a bit more in the first week of March when Jan left abroad (I just did it 10 days before most others did).

Everyone rants about those stupid people having Corona parties. Stay at home for fucks sake.  Will they never understand? They put the lives of others at stake!
           But at the same time I hear that everyone is so relieved that we can still go outside. We all seem to thrill by going on multiple walks or bike rides in our neighborhood.  We go and wave from the sidewalk to the window or door from friends.  None of us stays inside their home except for pure grocery shopping. We also all nod when there is a demand to support local businesses.  But let's scream to each other if we hear there was a long (widely distanced) waiting line for an ice cream shop that reopened.  When are they going to learn you should not go outside for non-essential things?  We see someone celebrating a birthday in its door and some "guests" with. a drink further at the sidewalk but phone the police to raid "a corona party".

We are mad at others for wearing a mask because they ware needed for the care workers. We are mad for people not wearing a mask. We mock people wearing a mask wrongly.

We screamed that schools closed too late, we are mad for them not reopening, we disagree if they'll stay open longer or shorter in June/July, ... Teachers should prepare more digital material, teachers should not give any material since its discrimination for the weaker, ...

We are certain that these measures will create too much collateral damage. We don't want to put a value on a human life.  We correct people ordering on an international webshop because you are supposed to shop local now.  People that are not working right now are lazy and profit from the situation.

The exit strategy will be too late, too slow, too fast, too soon, too dangerous, ridiculous.

We are certain that the politicians suck, we are mad because the experts have not given us clear instructions at the start,  we know it better.

We have too many opinions
We share too many opinions
We share sourness and irritation
We share negativity
We don't trust anymore that most of us are trying their best.
to which good? What does all that ranting help?

This is my rant and it doesn't make me feel any better.


Anne said…
Ik ben het helemaal met je eens: veel te veel meningen en meninkjes, ik heb er geen behoefte aan. Ik lees ze ook niet meer. En ik deel ze niet vaak.

Wij werden onlangs, tot onze verbazing, ook uitgescholden voor hamsteraars.
We bakken zelf ons brood, al jarenlang. We gingen onlangs naar de kleine Aveve in Destelbergen, eigenlijk echt een boer die een stukje van zijn magazijn gereserveerd heeft voor bloem.
We kopen altijd een zak of 6 bloem, omdat we geen zin hebben om om de 2 weken om bloem te rijden.
Dus, bloem gekozen, en naar de kassa, en onderweg is 't ineens van, "helaba, jullie overdrijven wel hè!". Euh, watte? We vielen compleet uit de lucht. Ik volg ook niet echt welke artikelen weinig voorradig zijn en welke niet, dus het was me ontgaan dat bloem ook gehamsterd werd.
En aan de schappen met bloem hing ook niets uit... maar bleek dat we max. 4 zakken bloem mochten meenemen.
Ok dan, zakken teruggelegd (hm, vree corona-indachtig was dat precies ook niet), en met hangende pootjes en het gevoel van een gestraft schoolkind naar de toog.

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