Made in Belgium: Metejoor

For those that follow my tag Made in Belgium for a while (already 347 posts on Belgium music in 11 years!!) might have noticed I rarely post Flemish music.  It's simply not a much. Most typical Flemish music makes me role my eyes to be honest.

So I'm surprised that a few weeks ago I made a draft post with the title Metejoor. It's a bit cheesy but yet I'm touched by the fragile tone and yet very nice voice.   I don't think I'll listen to Metejoor for full hours or attend concerts, but just having one of his songs come bye in my playlists is refreshing.  And it's not all cheesy, his most recently uploaded song is more catchy.  So he's ok enough to feature ones in my Made in Belgium series.

He clearly also has songs with up to date relevancy as the 2nd video here is a Corona lockdown song.


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