The new fashion

Who would have thought I'd possess face masks?
Who would have thought I'd wear face masks?
Who would have thought I'd pose with face masks?
Who would have thought I'd start to think of some face masks as cool?

Early April we started to realise that we'd potentially need some in the coming months.  While some other parents had already started to sew some mid - March to help out nurses due to the great lack of them, I already struggle to sew a button on a shirt.

First we ordered some Buffs early April to have some facial protection in case that we couldn't get our hands on face masks. We absolutely love our Ninja style and we all had great fun goofing around as Ninja's. The children did one walk outside like that.  But I'm not sure if they protect enough so I guess I'll wear the true face masks now that we have those as well.

By the end of April a friend was kind enough to offer to sew some face masks for our family while she was doing so for her neighbours as well. We took her offer with big relief. Thanks to her we all possess 3 masks in our own size according to the sewing pattern recommended by our government. It has a pocket to fit in a filter.  I guess it delivers good protection even if the sides are sometimes a bit open.  They are hot (temperature wise...I'm not so self-confident and used to facial masks to think of them as sexy yet).

These are the ones I started wearing first when I was going to the supermarket by the end of April.

diving flag pattern

In the mean time we've received ones that we ordered early April already from PADI but they took a while to get produced and shipped.  They are made from recycled ocean plastic which is quite cool. The pattern is different and as a matter of fact, I find it nicer to wear. It doesn't feel so thick, so question is whether it protects as good (we also got some filters to go with it);

Now I start receiving some from my employer.  I didn't get all of them yet but there's some very colorful ones that can be reversed (so the 4 pictures are in fact just 2 masks).  They are made with cords to close which I find less practical with my Corona long hair. I seem to tangle up the cords with my hair and if I fit a cord above my ears it seems to high but if it is lower, it's harder to keep it well in place.  But cords would be more hygienic to wash each time.  Yet its form around mouth and nose is comfortable.

So right now I expect a couple more from work, one from the city of Leuven which is already overdue and gosh who knows if that mask from our federal government will ever arrive.  Mid June we should get some more in support of Mobile School.  I figured I 'd better have enough if these become daily use and laundry.


Anne said…
Ik maak die onderste. Vind ze nog redelijk comfortabel, en met een dubbele laag katoen ook "dik" genoeg. Ik zie het in ieder geval niet zitten om daar nog een filter tussen te steken, denk niet dat je dan nog kan ademen.
yab said…
Mooie collectie!
Le petit requin said…
Oh, die van Padi zijn tof! Ik heb er momenteel wel genoeg (een paar dikkere en dunnere van mijn moeder, eentje van mijn oude univ, de VUB, en eentje van de huidige, de ETH), maar moest ik er meer nodig hebben, ga ik daar eens kijken :)
Goofball said…
ja die van PADI zijn na een half jaar nog steeds onze favorieten om te dragen.

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