Biking near Butgenbach lake

You have to strike when the iron is hot...or keep cycling when the bike rack is still attached to the car 😛
Last Sunday we drove to the lake of Butgenbach.  Previous year we had riden there from Weywertz (*)(where we were yesterday) but that would be a bit too much distance for Beertje now. So we just rode a bit up and down the RAVeL near the lake. 

We were parked at the powerdam at Berg, crossed the dam , climbed a hill and crossed a bit of woods to arrive at the RAVeL.  We passed the empty hotels and restaurants where we had an outdoor lunch last summer but now everything was still closed for the lockdown.  Drinks and cookies and other snacks all have to be in your own backpack. 

We had a silent ride back home :)

(*) funny enough I remark that Beertje was wearing the same short a year ago but then it was wide up to his knees. Now it was a lot shorter. Just funny detail. 


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