Short bikeride from Weywertz to Butgenbach on the L45A RAVeL

After our big successful bike ride to Germany on Saturday, we left all the bike gear on the car and used it again on Sunday.  This time we were careful not to overdo Kabouter or ourselves.  We parked our car in Weywertz and rode 4 kms to Bütgenbach where we went out for lunch. In Weywertz our well-known north-south Vehnbahn L48 crosses the L45(A) RAVeL which goes from Trois-Points eastwards towards Losheimergraben (D) where you have a connection on German bike roads that would allow you to continue to Trier.

We enjoyed the views from the 30 m high historic railroad viaduct at the entrance of Bütgenbach. This viaduct that has had a shaken past in the world wars, served as log hauling railroad until 2006. Only in 2014 it got converted to a bike road.  It's great how these Ravel bike roads even all heights and valleys and give you a smooth ride. I guess that a lot of them weren't completed yet when I made my first attempts to ride a bike in the Ardennes back in 2011-2012 but now it's so much more fun. The only disadvantage from riding on the RAVeL network is that they are not loops so we must return (or find other transport to return).

Crossing a valley at 30m altitude

Ninja moves demonstrated during a cookie stop

Old railroad memories remain along the RAVeL


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